Whale watching, Bridge Climbing and Paragliding Whale watching, Bridge Climbing and Paragliding
Related Whale watching, Bridge Climbing and Paragliding

Tuesday, May 31: Charleston – Alder Dune, OR

The morning started with delicious (just add water) pancakes and 2 flat tires. Shortly leaving the campsite we stopped at a Grocery Outlet. Possibly the best grocery store ever. I got fresh raspberries for a dollar, coconut chips for a dollar, and avocado for $1.50. Crazy prices…This ended up being a running errands kind of day. We managed to stop at Walmart and the bike shop before leaving town. The bike shop happened to be a GREAT stop and the coolest shop ever. Joe and Rob got to ride a double decker bike. I rode a small penny farthing! There was a super tiny tiny bike that was hilarious. It was a good fun time and awesome that the owner let us ride all of those bikes. We stayed at a campground right next to a small lake. All of us are enjoying splitting camping costs!

Wednesday, June 1: Alder Dune- Otter Rock

Today was full of excitement! We saw some sea lions at Sea Lion Point! Just after that met a big group of guys touring and as we were talking to them someone spotted a whale! Rob and Ness had been waiting to see their first whale so that was exciting. Stopped for coffee in Yachats and a nice bakery with crazy coffee drinks. I got a ginger coffee! After the snack break, as we were cruising along, Rob stopped and decided to climb a bridge. We kept riding over these concrete bridges that all looked the same and apparently he had been wanted to climb one. I thought he was definitely going to get stuck at the top. Thankfully I was wrong. Lunch was at a picnic table by the water in Waldport. Peanut butter, banana, and pear wraps. The afternoon went by pretty fast. 4 miles before camp we stopped at a paragliding spot where Joe got a short flight and we explored a lighthouse! Joe had to bushwhack his way back up the hill after landing on the beach. We hurried to camp before it got dark. There were a few guys touring that came to our campsite for a little while. Had a nice hot shower to end a good day!

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