Weekend in Yosemite National Park Weekend in Yosemite National Park
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May 14th – 16th

Saturday: Almost there! 30 miles and 2500 ft of climbing 🙂 Biking into Yosemite was so beautiful and we are stoked that we weren’t driving. There was crazy traffic getting into the park and we passed so many cars. After stopping at a couple waterfalls on the way in we went straight to Camp 4. Camp 4 is the only walk in/no reservation campground in Yosemite. It gets so busy that theres usually a line at 3am to wait for a campsite. Crazy! It’s always full so if you’re not in line you’re probably not getting a spot. Since we arrived on Saturday the ranger said there won’t be any spots until tomorrow. We would still have to go very early and wait in line. The ranger also said since we’re on bikes theres a backpackers campground that we’re allowed to stay at for one night. haha so many rules. It’s a campground specifically for people hiking through. $6/ person for 1 night and you can’t stay any longer. Fine with us! We set up camp and met our neighbor, Martin, from London. He’s also bike touring around California. By this time it was already late in the afternoon so we relaxed, shared dinner with Martin, and called it a night.

Sunday: Martin, Joe, and I woke up early to hike to Nevada Falls. We put all of our bags in the giant bear box and locked our bikes together. You can never be too careful. Plus the hike was going to take at least a couple hours. It was cold when we started walking towards the trailhead. The sun still trying to poke over the mountains and through the trees. We picked a great time to go, because barely anyone was on the trail. The 3 of us did the mist trail with Vernal falls and Nevada falls. It was the most breathtaking hike I’ve ever done. With that being said, I haven’t done much hiking, BUT it was amazing. (see ALL pictures below) They call it Mist Trail, because you get soaked walking right next to Vernal Falls. Ah…that’s why everyone is wearing a rain jacket. We had a snack overlooking Nevada Falls. We were back at camp around noon and we just went ahead and paid for another night at the backpackers campground. The ranger comes by once a day so I thought if we already paid for another night maybe we can get away with it. It worked! Other people got warnings to leave. I think the ranger wasn’t sure if we were there the night before. Since we were all set for camp Joe and grabbed lunch and went on a short hike to lower Yosemite Falls. Once again, so many people…everywhere!

Monday: Check out is at 12pm. Enough time to get one last hike in before leaving the park! We both feel like we had a productive 2 days in Yosemite. One more hike and we’ll be pretty satisfied. The shuttle to the trailhead was so packed we couldn’t fit any more people in. If you ever go to Yosemite I highly suggest bringing a bike. It’s much more convenient. This hike was a little steeper to upper Yosemite Falls. It’s nice to get some exercise in when we’re not biking.

After the hike we packed up camp and set off for the coast again! This time with serious headwinds. Luckily it was mostly downhill! Can you believe from the coast to Yosemite we did about 9,000 ft of climbing? We had a great downhill out of the park and 45 miles later ended in Mariposa. Neither of us could resist the cute craft beer place on the way to the fairgrounds where we would be camping. At the fairgrounds we met 3 guys from Belize, France, & the Philippines. I made them pancakes and we all had breakfast together in the morning.

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