We Made it to Canada! We Made it to Canada!
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June 19 + 20: San Juan Island – Vancouver, CANADA

Made the 8:30 ferry back to Anacortes and started biking on a beautiful bike path. There was one part along this path where the clouds had a perfect reflection in the water. We went through a small town called Edison. It has a few art studios and cute restaurants. As we were leaving town two other cyclists were on their daily ride pedaled with us for a few minutes. They were asking about our trip then Joe said to the girl “Hey, Devon has that same jacket!”. She had a bright blue jacket tied around her waist. She looked at me and said “Oh, did you lose it?” I looked at the back of my bike where I last put it and it was gone. Haha I didn’t even notice that I lost it. She found it on the side of the road in town. I’m lucky Joe randomly said that to her! Also very lucky that she happened to pick it up and just happened to bike right next to us…I should probably keep better track of my stuff.

Joe spotted a couple people paragliding in the distance so we went to check it out. A guy had just landed and Joe got a ride to the top of the mountain. I waited at the bottom laying in the sun on the fluffy green grass. The wind was too strong when they got up to the launch so Joe had to drive back down. All of that took about an hour so we had to find a closer place to camp. Found a warm showers in Bellingham. After checking out a sweet brewery we camped in a backyard under an apple tree. Kai said we could eat anything in her backyard so Joe picked some raspberries to go in our cereal in the morning.

In the morning we were off to Canada! Only about 15 miles to the border. They didn’t check our bags or anything, just stamped our passports and off we went. (after fixing my flat tire) We were 30 miles from Vancouver and it was very difficult biking into the city without GPS! We had to go through the woods and cross train tracks and we got very lost. A nice guy on the bike path helped us out though. Once we got to Vancouver we biked around the city and stopped by a coffee shop called Bean around the world. The shop was already closed but the owner opened the doors, gave us free coffee and free sandwiches! Extremely nice guy. After that we went to Kitsilano Beach where people were paddleboarding, playing beach volleyball, having picnics…there were tons of people and everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather. We stayed at a Warm showers house (Jeremy) very close to the park. Had a great night hanging out on his tiki porch and talking over some beers!

Devon Keim

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