Camping on the Ferry to Ketchikan, Alaska
San Juan Island
Holy Toledo!
Haystack Rock
Finally Crossing into Oregon!
Avenue of the Giants
May 25-27 Wednesday: Started the day on the Avenue of the Giants. It’s a highway surrounded by redwoods. It was a beautiful ride. Trees bigger than you can imagine! There wasn’t much traffic which made it even better. We had to stop several times to stare in awe at... Read more
Sleeping Next to an Emu
May 22-24 Sunday: Goal for today = 40 miles. We ended up doing 60 to make it to a warm showers host. After a couple days without a shower we were more than willing to go the extra 20 miles. The most eventful part of the day was Rusty’s... Read more
House Boats and Mead Tasting
May 20 & 21st Left Bruce and Winnie’s house, but not before watching the sunrise from their roof. It was so nice watching the city light up with gold. I’m convinced they live in the best part of the bay area. Just after we left their house we passed by... Read more
Weekend in Yosemite National Park
Weekend Paragliding in Big Sur