Rope Swing in Astoria Rope Swing in Astoria
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Saturday, June 4: Cape Lookout – Seaside

We had the worst experience on the road today. Every other car was honking and yelling at us. Not sure why, because there were a lot of other cyclists on the road. So the riding wasn’t very enjoyable, but there were a lot of cute little towns that we stopped at. Manzanita was one of them. We stopped there to have a nice lunch at a mexican restaurant. For the night we stayed at a warm showers in Seaside. Neil’s house. He had 4 other people staying at his house for the night plus the 4 of us. Since we contacted him pretty late in the day we decided to camp outside and let everyone else have space inside.

Sunday, June 5: Seaside – Astoria

Short day to Astoria! We weren’t quite in Astoria, but we stayed at Fort Stevens Park just outside of town. Other cyclists warned us about the horrible mosquitos in the park. When we got to the entrance there was a KOA directly across the road and they had a sign that said MOSQUITO CROSSING. We were all thinking greaaaaat they must be really bad. We picked the best campsite we could for bugs. Then we went to the beach to relax, checkout shipwreck, and watch Joe paraglide down the dune. The beach had a small layer of fog that looked really cool! Especially with the shipwreck right on the shore. It was so nice just laying on the beach in the warm sand. The wind wasn’t perfect for flying so we went back to camp and basically went right into the tent after dinner to avoid getting attacked by mosquitos.

Monday, June 6: Astoria

Short ride to Astoria where we hung out at Street 14, a very nice cafe downtown. There we met Ryan who invited us to stay at his house for the night. We ended up meeting up with him at Fort George Brewery where we stayed until 9pm. Normally were in bed by then! However we didn’t do much to wear us out. We followed Ryan to his house and of course Rob tells him to take us the ridiculously steep way! Ryans house was awesome. We stayed in a small retro camper in his backyard. Right next to the giant rope swing! We had no hesitation trying that out in the pitch black dark! We had to give it another try in the morning before we left. In the daytime you can see the amazing view from the swing!

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