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May 17-19

Tuesday: Getting back to the coast! Today we rode from Mariposa to Modesto, CA. Since we rode this on the way to Yosemite we decided to take a different road. It was rough! I’m surprised my bike didn’t fall apart because of the bumps. 80 miles to Modesto. Tom was so generous to have us at his house again. The day consisted of open fields, 90 degree weather, clear skies and of course…some headwinds. We didn’t stop too much we were just trying to get there and get out of the heat. Once in Modesto Tom, Tomas, Joe and I went to Harvest Moon (our favorite place). Then went to a local bar where I played shuffle board for the first time and whooped everyones butts 🙂 it was a lot of fun and we got to bed pretty late but it was worth it!

Wednesday: From one extreme to the other. Most of our riding up the coast the weather has been sunny, but chilly from the frigid wind. I’ve had my jacket on most of the time. Well, today was 104! We were baking during our ride from Modesto to Dublin. The morning was great though! Lori and Tom rode with us out of town once again. They are awesome! We had a great time with them in Modesto. The rest of the day was hot with some headwinds. I must say that we hate headwinds…of course. But the wind probably saved me from overheating. Definitely saved me from passing out. Also I may be getting sick. Hopefully that’s not the case. It could be from the constant 60 and 80 mile days in the sun. Who know! Someone told us that we might be able to camp at a motocross track about 10 miles before Dublin. It’s right off the road we were riding on all day. When we got there 50 bikes were racing around the track. It was awesome! The ladies up front said the city doesn’t allow camping anymore, but we could hangout and watch. As soon as we walked in a guy called us over and gave us snacks. We drank red bulls as we watched the kids go over crazy jumps. After hanging out we went to look for a place to camp. There were no campgrounds so we asked around and found a neighborhood park to camp in. We set up after dark and got quickly relocated by a stupid raccoon. It wouldn’t stop messing with our stuff, was NOT afraid of us even throwing stuff at it, and clearly lived in that park. Joe looked on google and saw a church about a mile away. That was our best bet! It ended up being perfect. No one was around and we were gone first thing in the morning.

Thursday: Break day-ish. Woke up behind the church then went straight to Starbucks so Joe could get a little work done. As we were biking out of town facing the 20mph headwind we stopped to rethink what we were doing. About to bike over a mountain with 40mph headwinds at the top. We had already biked this on our way into Yosemite. We didn’t need much more convincing. The BART station was only 2 miles behind us. We got on the BART and it took us to San Francisco. After exploring the city a little more we decided to make some progress and head North. Winnie and Bruce from Warm Showers said we could stay with them for the night in Sausalito. Sausalito became my favorite spot in California. It looks like a town out of Italy. Their house is straight up a hill…one of the steepest hills we’ve seen across the country. I thought I was going to fall backwards. We made it up to their driveway then had to go up 40 stairs to their house. It took a couple trips, but what a view they had!! From their roof you could see San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz,and so much more! As soon as we stepped into their house our nostrils were filled with home cooking. Mushrooms and veggies…yum! We had a great night with them talking about our trip from Florida to San Diego. In a few weeks they will be doing part of that ride.


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