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The PowerFilm LightSaver Solar panel is a unique solution to mobile power. It was the first flexible solar panel we had used and we were excited to give it a try! The advantages are obvious over other mobile solar power options. The pack down size simply can’t be beat. Most charging systems require some kind of external battery pack in addition to the panel array. With the PowerFilm system, the panel conveniently rolls around the attached battery pack leaving you with a very compact very durable package. In most cases we only need to have a back up battery for our cell phones and the 3.2 Ah pack was plenty to top off two cell phones. As with other panel systems, we found that if it is not placed in direct sunlight and also at a close to perpendicular angle to the sun the charging is unreliable. Charging the panel worked best when it could be set in a stationary place with clear skies and a good angle to the sun. Using it on any moving vehicles turned out to be less than ideal, even when placed to always face the sun. When the panel is unrolled the LightSaver has four conveniently placed grommets and hooks on the four corners, which do help to fixate the system in an optimal position. You can also charge the panel using the micro USB input port. For us this got used a lot! Overall the PowerFilm LightSaver is a good mobile solar power option. It isn’t perfect but performs as well as other systems and is significantly more affordable especially considering it comes with its battery pack.


This is a good solar power option. You cannot rely on it completely but as a backup it works great! It is one of the most compact and lightweight options on the market and is pretty tough when packed away as well.
  • One Device (no external batteries)
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Tie Downs
  • Slow to charge
  • Needs very direct sunlight

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