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The Pocket Rocket is an essential in our gear bag. We’ve taken this stove on too many trips to count and have never been disappointed with its performance. Whether you’re traveling solo or in a small group the stove will certainly meet your expectations.

To use the pocket rocket you simply screw on the fuel canister, turn the valve and light the burner. Some units come with a spark ignitor, however our did not so we do have to carry a lighter or matches to use the stove. Overall using the stove is a good experience. The Iso-butane fuel provides a constant flame that can be easily simmered or used at full blast! When your done cooking the stove easily unscrews and folds to fit in the protective case included. The stove burns very clean and rarely will leave any soot like some other stoves.

One downfall is stability of the base. The fuel can has a small base and when using large pans or cooking large meals the system can get a bit top heavy and we have had a meal or two spill over (not fun after a long day!). There’re several  solutions out there but we have yet to give any a try.

Some other short comings we found were that the unit doesn’t come with any kind of wind screen as is standard on other stoves. If there is any significant wind a screen is a must and we usually used folded tin foil when in a pinch. Also the burner area is very small and you can end up wth a very hot/burn spot in the middle of your pan. We even had one pots anti-stick coating burn off! Fuel availability is also an issue, depending on the nature of your trip. If you’re really out there finding a fuel can be tricky. If you will be around an equipment supplier you won’t have a problem. Sometimes we have found even ACE hardware or Walmart will carry them.

Overall the Pocket Rocket is a great stove. Its very dependable, lightweight, small and it gets the job done.
  • One of the smallest stoves available
  • Very lightweight
  • Clean burning
  • Easy to use
  • Quick setup
  • Stability
  • Hot spot
  • Doesn't include windscreen
  • Fuel availability

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