Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Classic Handlebar Bag Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M Classic Handlebar Bag
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I don’t know how I travelled across the country without my Ortlieb handlebar bag. I love to take pictures and it was a hassle to open my front or back panniers every time I wanted to take a picture. It is so easy to quickly open this bag that I can quickly grab my camera when I need it, even while riding. Not only do I love it on my bike, but I love using it when we are not riding as well. Anytime we stop I just pop the bag off and carry it like I would a purse. My handlebar bag carries my camera, wallet, GoPro, phone, hard drive and anything I would want to access on a frequent basis. There is still a lot of room even with all of those items. Literally all of my expensive things, most which are not waterproof, I keep in this bag. We have ridden though heavy rains for entire days at a time and everything in the bag was kept bone dry! The locking system is great for some added peace of mind but it’s only a deterrent. The bag locks to your bike so no one would be able to take it off, but if anyone really wanted to they could pull the corners up and stick their hand in the bag. We still make sure to always keep our bikes in sight. Most of the time I felt better to take the bag with me if we were leaving our bikes. The bag hangs from its own mount that is permanently attached to your bars but the bag part can be easily removed with the push of a button, super easy. As for the attaching the mount to the bike for the first time, Ortlieb has come up with an elegant way to firmly attach the mounting system to almost any handlebar. We were very impressed with the design and the simplicity of the mount.

One place for improvement would be the shoulder strap. Without the strap it’s a bit awkward to carry the handlebar bag. It’s like carrying a purse or shopping bag with no handle, but you can’t have the shoulder strap attached while riding and it’s not convenient enough to attach frequently.

We can’t thank Ortlieb enough for supporting us on our travels and providing us with our front panniers, handlebar bag and seat post bag.

Ortlieb Ultimate6 M Plus Handlebar Bag
Overall I really love this handlebar bag. I like having access to all the gear I use most frequently. The bag and mount is built super tough and as always I can depend on Ortlieb keeping my gear dry.
  • easy access while riding
  • lots of space
  • solid mounting system
  • easy removal
  • waterproof
  • corners can come up when locked
  • awkward to carry without strap

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