No Camping Here – RV’s Only No Camping Here – RV’s Only
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April 9th, 2015

The weather was looking like it was finally going to be better! Then it rained…again. We rode from San Clemente to Newport Beach and hungout there for a little bit while it poured. We went through a ton of cool spots – Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach! All really cool places but I think the Newport area might have been my favorite. What I didn’t like was the camping situation! There was no camping whatsoever. BUT there were about a million RV spots along Huntington beach. About 90% of them empty. Could we set our tent there? nope. not allowed. We also couldn’t find any warm showers so we just kept riding and hoped we would find something.

We got to seal beach and spoke to a fireman and asked where we could camp. He (and everyone else) said there really was no camping until you get past Los Angeles. BUT he said we could set up our tent in the dunes (the only small spot on the beach with dunes) and no one will bother us. I guess Seal Beach is pretty safe and the perfect spot to stealth camp. Huntington Beach would have been way too crowded and Long Beach has a lot of people that might mess with us. So…we wait until dark.

We rode to Main St. and had a beer at The Abbey, a local bar. We met a super cool couple from England and heard all about their hiking stories. The sun started to go down so we quickly wrapped everything up and headed to the dunes. I said we wanted to wait until dark, right? Yeah, it never got dark! Holy crap I would not want to live there…take a look at a map and see how many miles Seal Beach is from LA. The city lights up the sky ALL night. It’s pretty crazy and sad. Not to mention thousands os seagulls that squawking on the beach all night…oh yeah and the rain. haha we had an interesting first night of camping 😛



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