Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Half Moon Bay! Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Half Moon Bay!
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April 27

One thing we’ve had to think about is Paul’s (Joe’s little brother) wedding on May 7th. The wedding is in Connecticut and we fly out of San Francisco on May 5th. We could keep riding into Yosemite now, but we wouldn’t have enough time before the wedding. So, we have a lot of time on our hands until then! Hence hanging out in Monterey for a couple days. On Wednesday we relaxed and went grocery shopping. The break was worth it, because Joe is feeling better. We’re getting back on our bikes in the morning to head to Santa Cruz about 42 miles from here. There is a warm showers that we can stay at which is great because we don’t have to pay for camping after our splurge. Joe wants to try to make it to San Francisco (130 mi) in a couple days so we’ll see how that goes.


Thursday, April 28

Today felt similar to being in the middle of the country rather than on the Pacific coast. We went through a lot of farm fields and saw our first artichoke stand!! I hear all about the artichokes so I said we had to stop. They were delicious, but I don’t think I’m eating them correctly…unless they are just always messy! The rest of the day was nice and the wind wasn’t too crazy. We got into Santa Cruz and went straight to Verve Coffee. Joe’s cousin, Margarett, told us about this when we were visiting her in LA. Sometimes I think we should have started a coffee blog. We’ve just about been to every single coffee shop up the coast. 😛

After enjoying our amazing latte’s we met Johnathan (from warm showers) just a few blocks away. He pedaled up on a bicycle, grabbed some beer at the local grocery, and then escorted us to his cute house! Johnathan made us a deliciously unique indian dinner. We played with their dog OB (Olallieberry) and shared travel stories before everyone went to bed. Johnathan and Kaylee have been on some awesome cycling trips around Europe and Asia!


Friday, April 29

Johnathan and Kaylee recommended a bakery, Companion, as we head out of Santa Cruz. They said the bread is better than any place in San Francisco. You don’t have to convince us! We got a couple pastries that I can’t pronounce the name of and you’ll never guess…a coffee! It was already really windy when we started riding in the morning. Makes the day less enjoyable. The ride was a consistent up and down with one large hill that we didn’t expect. Around lunch time we stopped by a brewery on the side of the road where other cyclists were taking a break. They were going south with a cranking tail wind so I know they weren’t struggling like we were. We spent Friday night in Half Moon Bay. By the time we got to camp the wind was at least 30 mph…it was crazy windy! We camped with 3 other cyclists. Two of them we had already met in the Big Sur campground. Turns out they took a break and spent a day in Monterey as well. Joe and I made dinner very fast and hid in our tent for the rest of the night. The wind was soooooo cold coming off the ocean!! We tried hiding all 3 tents behind a tree, but the tree didn’t block much wind.

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