Joe’s Birthday! Joe’s Birthday!
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April 11

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!! Margarett made us a delicious chia seed breakfast- it looks weird…but its GOOD. Finally we had some time to go through our gear and repack our bags more efficiently. Although this doesn’t sound like birthday activities, Joe really enjoyed it. Later we got lunch at Mixto and got frozen yogurt for Joe’s bday. We spent the rest of the day hiking and checking out the Hollywood sign. And of course stopped by Margarett’s second favorite coffee shop on the way home.

I cooked stir fry, Joe’s FAVORITE meal, for dinner. Margarett showed us how to make chia seed pudding so that we could take some mush on our bikes haha. We’re stoked we got to spend time with Joe’s cousin and that she let us stay at her cute little house!

Devon Keim

24 yr old creative bug from Charleston, South Carolina. Can't get enough of the ocean, sunshine, or coffeeeeee. Always ready for the next adventure!