House Boats and Mead Tasting House Boats and Mead Tasting
May 20 & 21st Left Bruce and Winnie’s house, but not before watching the sunrise from their roof. It was so nice watching the city... House Boats and Mead Tasting

May 20 & 21st

Left Bruce and Winnie’s house, but not before watching the sunrise from their roof. It was so nice watching the city light up with gold. I’m convinced they live in the best part of the bay area. Just after we left their house we passed by a tiny neighborhood of houseboats. Reminding me a lot of New Orleans. The next spot was Fairfax, a small hippy town. We hung out at the bike museum there for at least an hour. They gave us cliff bars, drinks, and free admission to the museum. Just past Fairfax we stayed on a bike path through the woods that blocked the crazy wind. In no time we were in Point Reyes where we stopped by a meadery before finding a place to camp. Joe and I shared a tasting of the 5 different meads they had. It was the cutest place. I loved it! So after enjoying ourselves we biked down the road to a state park where we thought we could camp. A guy that lived nearby quickly informed us that we would get cited if we camped in the park. Greaaaat. So we kept biking hoping to find a spot on the side of the road. There was an opening in the fence that lined the road for miles. Also no sign that says no camping…so we dragged our bikes off the road behind a bush so no one would see. Even though there were no signs we still wanted to be low key so we didn’t have to move again. We sat in the field waiting for the sun to go down so that we could set up our tent. And we waited, and waited…then Joe realized he got the sunset time wrong by an hour. So we had to wait an hour longer! haha we could have cycled a lot more. It was funny though. We set up our tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. Basically all set up so when the sun went down we just needed to pop the tent poles up.

In the morning I noticed something. The tent wasn’t shaking. Wind wasn’t going crazy. Sweet!! Finally we got a break from the wind. We quickly packed up, cooked breakfast on the side of the road, and got going before anything changed with the wind. Riding with no wind was so nice! Actually enjoyable. Which sounds kind of bad, but the wind has been beating us down. We got lucky, because the wind never really picked up. The first town we went through was Marshall: Population 50. Even if we wanted to stop there was no place open. That worked out, because we stopped in the next town, Tomales. Holy crap. Best bakery ever! Joe got a raspberry stuffed croissant and I got a cinnamon stick. They were so good we ended up getting more. 🙂 Best decision and we definitely worked those calories off on the few (24) hills that we had to climb all day. After Tomales we went through a couple cute towns. Bodega Bay and then Jenner. I loved Jenner. It was a small fishing town with a population of 136. As we were biking into Jenner I saw houses sitting on a hill looking over highway 1 and the water. We planned on having our lunch break there so we sat outside of a cafe and made peanut butter wraps. Little did we know the cycling race Tour of California would be coming right through Jenner. 150 guys escorted by 20 police cars (at least) and followed by support cars carrying extra bikes, ambulances, and a helicopter. I’m glad I got to see that! I’ve never really watched a cycling race so I was pretty impressed by the whole event. We ended up biking 20 miles past Jenner to the Salt Point State Park campground. Desperately needing a shower. Well I shouldn’t say desperately but we did need a shower since we stealth camped last night. A cyclist we met earlier said there would be showers but turns out there were no showers. With that being said I did the best I could with my wet wipes and the bathroom sink. No judging.


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