Holy Toledo! Holy Toledo!
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Friday, June 10: Portland, Oregon – Paradise Point, Washington

We had breakfast with granny and Roger then biked over to the bus station. The plan was to take a bus into Hood River (east of Portland). Joe used to go there in the summer time to go kiteboarding. However, the bus that goes there leaves on Tuesdays and Thursdays so we missed that bus! We don’t have time to wait around or take a 160 mile ride to Hood River so we started biking North to Seattle. We went over a bridge just outside of Portland and crossed the border into Washington! At some point we passed a farm of alpaca. Shaved and very funny looking! It was raining on and off all day. Somehow we managed to stay dry! Well, it conveniently started raining as we passed a winery. So we hid there for an hour. Then we realized on Fridays they have free pasta dinner at 6pm. Not just any pasta. I watched the owner stretch and cut his homemade fettuccini! We stuck around for that. We bolted to our campsite while it wasn’t raining. It was a beautiful campsite tucked in the forest!

Saturday, June 11: Paradise Point – Toledo

We woke up and had coffee with our camping neighbor! Another day with on and off rain, quiet back roads, and open fields! Our goal was Lewis and Clark state park. We stopped for groceries in Toledo and only had about 8 miles to go. Maybe 2 miles down the road Joe spotted a couple sky divers falling out of the sky. Joe mentioned that sometimes drop zones let you camp there so we went and said hey. Good thing we did! They let us camp, use the showers, and use the huge grill. Best drop zone ever! I really enjoyed the huge fire and talking with everyone that jumped or worked there.

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