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Friday, June 3: Lincoln City- Cape Lookout

Ness made us a delicious english breakfast! Which was bacon, scrambled eggs, and baked beans. Everything was so good even though I was doubting having baked beans for breakfast. Also a lady gave us free cheese when we were on the side of the highway at a viewpoint haha she had her own farm and cheese business. We went to Cannon Beach where theres a huge rock called Haystack Rock and also a paragliding spot. While Rob and Ness waited on the beach Joe and I climbed up this huge dune to see if anyone was flying. There was an awesome view of Haystack Rock and the coast from the top! It was worth the calf burn up the hill. Unfortunately the paragliders were just leaving as we got there. Guys were flying with smaller, faster wings than Joes. So, we walked back down and kept on riding for the day. We stayed at Cape Lookout where we had a hiker/biker site tucked away in the woods. There was almost a maze through the trees to get there. When the sun was setting (because it was foggy) you could see all of the sun rays through the trees. It was awesome!

Devon Keim

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