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April 6, 2016

The night before our plane landed at 10:30 and we headed straight to my friends house. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on our first day. We woke up in Pacific Beach, walked outside and the weather was amazing. Slight cool breeze with the sun warming me. Couples walking to their morning coffee spot with mugs in hand. Palm trees lining every street and only a few blocks from the nearest beach. Can you tell I was stoked? We walked to Java Earth Cafe where we had our coffee and breakfast in the sun on the front porch. After breakfast we were going to take the train to Carlsbad, but then realized we would have to take an uber to the train station and another uber after we got off the train. It cost just as much to take one uber straight to our bikes so thats what we did.

Got to Ryan’s house and packed our new panniers! It was the first time we had seen on our bikes in 4 months. The whole time Joe was debating wether he wanted to bring his paraglider or not. Oh yeah, Joe has a 15lb paraglider that he’s hauling on the back of his bike. No way I would do that! Joe is super stoked though and and wants to paraglide all up the coast. Of course, the weather has to line up when we get to these spots, but hopefully it works out and he gets to fly a lot.

We took a break from packing and got acai bowls with Ryan and his mom. Then went to the warm showers that we would be staying at (~10mi). Dropped our bags off and headed to the farmers market down the road. That was a great idea! We ended up getting a ton of samples…cheesecake, snap peas, hummus YUM! It started getting pretty chilly so we rode back to the house and later had a delicious dinner! The family we stayed with was so welcoming and one of the daughters dreams of performing on Broadway. We watched some theatre performances and they were AWESOME. She has an amazing voice at age 13 and is a great actress. I know for sure that she will be on Broadway one day. They have gone on many bike tours as a family (so cool!) and have many trips planned in the future including hiking the Pacific Crest Trail! Definitely one of the most adventurous families we have stayed with 🙂

Devon Keim

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