First day cycling up the Pacific Coast First day cycling up the Pacific Coast
Related First day cycling up the Pacific Coast

April 7, 2016

Woke up and went straight to the train station! We took the train to San Diego where we had to catch the Trolley to the border. It was pouring when we got there! Great start to our trip haha It was so cold all day, but we biked along the water most of the time. It was still beautiful even though it was rainy. We made it to San Diego where we had to take a short ferry, because cyclists aren’t allowed on the bridge. Since it was rainy and we had already spent some time in San Diego last year we just blazed through it.

If I haven’t mentioned it before then I will just let y’all know that this trip up the coast is going to be a little slower than our last. Across the country we averaged about 65 miles a day. We want to take our time up the coast so that we’re not on a schedule as much and we can hangout whenever we feel like it. As well as just see AS MANY awesome sites as we can.

With all of that being said…once we passed downtown we went to a coffee shop in Pacific Beach for a little bit and figured out where we were going to stay that night. We found a place in La Jolla and started biking that way. We went by a beach called Seal Rock which as you can imagine is famous for the seals that are there. Its mating time so we weren’t allowed down at the beach, but it was still an amazing site!! I got better pictures the next morning so that will be in the next blog post.

We stayed with David from couch surfing. He was awesome and he had a tiny apartment in a little alley in La Jolla. That was a great spot! Davids friend was in town and we all went to a comedy club just down the street. I had a great time and slept like a rock!

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