Finally Crossing into Oregon! Finally Crossing into Oregon!
Related Finally Crossing into Oregon!

Saturday, May 28: Crescent City, California to Gold Beach, Oregon

Woke up at the church where 4 other cyclists were staying. It’s amazing that the 6 of us are on separate journeys, but ended up at the same city on the same day. Joe and I were the first ones up and going, but left at the same time as everyone else. I noticed I had a flat tire just as we were ready to go. We ended up biking with Rob and Ness for a while. They are from the UK and traveling North to Canada. They started in Florida and followed a similar route to us across the country. I know it sounds bad, but it was nice having other people suffering in the headwinds with us. With that being said we were booking it all morning! 25 miles and the Oregon border came in no time. Happy to finally be out of California! Gold Beach is our destination for the day. After having lunch on a beach full of driftwood we only had 30 miles to go. Easy! Brutal headwind…not easy. The 4 of us were so beat when we got to Gold Beach. First stop was the visitors center where we got a lot of useful information. All the campgrounds were full due to Memorial Day weekend. One campground 7 miles out of the way had a spot for us. We were not about to bike anymore especially out of the way. Rob literally walks across the street from the visitors center and asks the guy doing yard work if we could camp in his yard. He said yes! Super thankful for that english accent haha. After setting up camp we walked across the street and watched the sunset.

Sunday, May 29: Gold Beach to Port Orford/Bandon

We decided to ride together for another day and also agreed on doing a shorter day. The pattern has been no wind in the morning, around 11 it starts picking up, and by 3 pm it’s just a cranking headwind. Throughout the morning we must have stopped 10 times to take in the beautiful coast. Truly amazing. The hundreds of rocks just sitting off the coast. Huge 100ft tall rocks. With all the stops we still managed to make it to Port Orford by lunch time. Stopping at the first place we saw. A fancy cafe overlooking the cove. We bought some fries and sat on their deck while we made our own lunch. I’m sure we looked like hobos to everyone else. After that we tried just about every pie that they had at The Crazy Norwegian’s. Homemade pies…yum! By this time the wind is so strong I think it’s going to take the flag out next to us. Only 9 miles to camp so we decide to get there before the wind knocks us off our bikes. A change in plans so we biked a little further to a KOA. So cheap for the 4 of us to split. First thing the guys did was hop into the hottub! Of course we took advantage of the pool table before dinner. Joe and I got whooped by the brits! Our campsite was great too. Tucked in the forest. We made a nice fire and busted out the marshmallows.  Eating about 40 between all of us and had Rob’s special dessert: liquid marshmallow with almond maple butter on top of an apple filled cookie. Don’t be fooled, it was delicious.

Monday, May 30: Happy Memorial Day!

As bad as I wanted to take a break day and jump in the pool, relax, get out of the wind. I had a few people to motivate me. We even resisted the $5 pancake breakfast. The highlight for me was going through Charleston, Oregon. It’s a fishing town that reminds me a lot of Shem Creek. I loved it! I had to get some postcards. We got lured in to the salt water taffy store. You can imagine how hard that was…ice cream and fudge. Ended up biking a couple miles south for camping to Bastendorff State Park. Somehow managed to get a campsite for $5 with free showers! Besides the showers feeling like boiling rain and trying to kill me the campsite was perfect. The beach was just down the road so we walked down and watched the old fishermen cast off the shore.

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