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June 12-14

The day going into Seattle was crazy! Mostly because we did 117 miles! We had breakfast at the drop zone. The morning consisted of nice bike paths. At 3:30 we still had 60 miles to go! We had dinner at an RC park with a view of Mt. Rainier. Still another 25 miles to go after dinner! At this point we weren’t sure where we were staying yet, but Joe’s friend, Joaquin, said he would figure it out for us. We trusted him! We had a super nice bike path going into Seattle. Besides getting a flat tire the miles were fairly easy until the last 10. On the bike path we met 3 guys that work at a bike shop in Seattle who rode with us for 10 miles. One guy rode all the way to Mercer Island where we were staying the night (Joaquin pulled through!). Joaquin’s friends, Eric and Darcie, live on Mercer Island. Its such a nice area just East of downtown Seattle. However, Darcie and Eric were coming home from Canada so they weren’t coming home until late. Around 930 we got to the island and celebrated with a beer at the Roanoke Inn. By 1030 we were beat and just decided to pitch a tent in their backyard instead of waiting for the guest room. We set up the tent in a hole by accident. You would think after 300 days of camping we would have this down by now. Too lazy to move the tent, Joe basically slept in a hole all night. Shows how tired we were! In the morning we met Darcie and had coffee with her. Turns out they were in Canada to go mountain biking. They also have an overloading truck. Something Joe wants to do one day! Very cool people!

As soon as we left their house it started raining. Of course. It wouldn’t be a real Seattle experience without rain. Just a 5 mile ride and we were at Joaquin’s fire station. Joaquin lives on San Juan Island, but works at a fire station in Seattle. Were going to stay at his house once we get up that way. Its still a couple days of biking for us. Anyways, he gave us an awesome tour and I got to slide down the fire pole! Then we went and biked around Seattle. The city wasn’t too exciting for me. BUT guess who we met up with?! Rob and Ness! They just got to Seattle and it was Rob’s birthday! I went to buy him a cake, but somehow the cashier messed it up and Rob payed for his own birthday cake. After hanging out with them for a little we had a short bike ride to Shoreline where my great aunt and uncle live! We had been keeping in touch, but never met in person. Aunt Lee and Uncle Bill welcomed us with open arms! Even though Joe and I are cycling around North America, I think they are more adventurous than us. They definitely have their share of travel stories! They have their sweet trailer in their driveway ready to go on the next trip! Aunt Lee and Uncle Bill made us the best dinner: Grilled Salmon, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.

In the morning Joe helped pick berries in the backyard and we had delicious muffins with the fresh raspberries! My best friend from middle school and high school came to visit!! Sarah and I lived next door to each other in Mount Pleasant and now she lives outside of Seattle with her husband and cute little son Parker. I was so happy to see her and finally meet Casey and Parker 🙂 And glad she got to meet Joe. Once they left we went on a hike with my aunt and uncle to Wallace Falls. It’s about an hour car ride from the house. We get car sick like crazy! It’s amazing what your body does after being on a bike for so long. Normally we don’t get motion sickness at all. As we were driving the clouds were getting dark. Not sure if our hike would get rained out or not. The hike was in a temperate rainforest. Green everywhere, mossy trees, wet ground. The hike was mostly cloudy with the sun poking out every once in a while. A few miles into it and we were at the top with a beautiful view of the valley! A line of mountains in the background. The waterfall dumping below us. Very dark clouds were coming over the mountain as the 4 of us were enjoying our muffin treat. We saw heavy rain coming our way! Packed up fast and booked it back to the car. It started pouring on our way down, yet we weren’t getting wet. The trees were protecting us from getting soaked. The rest of the day was rainy and we enjoyed being inside and relaxing!

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