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Cabarete, D.R. is known for having world-class kiteboarding and surfing. With almost constant waves and wind, it can be very easy to become content with staying in town. What so many people do not realize about the area is that there are so many amazing experiences just outside of town. With wild leggings on, myself and 5 friends decided to step out of our day-to-day routine and head 3o minutes into the mountains to Rancho Louisa y Tommy. Set on a lush green piece of property, we saddled up and headed into what can only be explained as some of the most beautiful and stunning land I have ever seen. We spent 2 hours traversing a ridge line where we stopped and saw a spectacular sunset over the mountains. The ridge went back and forth through wide open cow fields where we saw all types of wild life. At one point we were passing an all wood plank home that had a few turkeys in the front yard and of course being the good southern boy that I am, I had to give a little gobble and see if I could get the big Tom to go into full strut. Even though it was a horrible attempt we still got to see the beautiful bird puff its feather chest up and spread the beautiful fan tail. After riding through a horse pasture and galloping through multiple rivers we stopped at a small general store. Of course we had to stop and grab a few beers because let’s be honest when your on the back of a horse, riding under millions of stars in the sky there is really nothing like turning back some freezing cold Presidente.  This store had just the bare necessities. Its’ structure was made of old weathered plank wood. Behind the open windows sat a rugged man with a hardened smile waiting to help us with whatever he can. After drinking a few beers and having some snacks we decided to head back. There really is no way for me to explain what it was like riding back down this gravel rode for a bout 30 minutes looking at shooting stars and trying to figure out what each set of stars is. Not only do you get to ride through beautiful mountains and rivers, when you get back to Tommys’ house there is a truly authentic Dominican meal ready for you to devour. The meal consisted of perfectly cooked chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, avocado, beans, freshly made juice and what my sister described as, “The most wonderful salad she has ever had!”. With stomachs full and big smiles on our faces we headed back to town. Doing trips like this with such awesome people is the real reason I picked this island to spend a few months on. Yeah, I could easily stay in town and party it up every night, or just kite at la boca and surf encuentro, and be perfectly content. However, with everything that the Dominican Republic has to offer, why would I!


“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Spencer Hurteau

Spending half the year in beautiful Charleston, SC and the other half in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, Spencer is never to far away from the ocean. Growing up in Charlotte, NC he would spend his summers on the lake wakeboarding or skiing as much as possible. In 2011, he made the decision to head to Charleston, SC where he came to the realization that living in a land locked place is not the life for him. An avid kiteboarder and surfer, he lives his life chasing the swell and wind to some of the prettiest places in the Southeast and the Caribbean. Known for having quite an outgoing personality, you can usually tell that Spencer is around by hearing him before you can see him. He takes that love for life into everything that he does.