Cruising down Boardwalks in Southern California Cruising down Boardwalks in Southern California
Related Cruising down Boardwalks in Southern California

Another night spent in luxury! Devon found us a great host that put us up for the night in our own room. I woke up and cooked some oatmeal and granola, my favorite! We slowly got our gear together and said our goodbyes. Although it was cold and dreary we were happy it wasn’t raining and that our gear, mainly our soaked shoes, would get a chance to dry out. Our first stop was to visit the seals and shortly after the seal lions that rest on the rocks about ½ of a mile down the coast. I thought it was strange how they were so perfectly segregated but within such close proximity. Supposedly both groups are always here in the same place.

Next we proceeded up the coast to Torrey Pines (a famous paragliding spot) for a coffee and snack break. My hopes before we started the trip were to be able to fly at this point and use this paraglider I’m dragging around. Unfortunately today the conditions were not spectacular. I settled with checking the hang and fit of my new lightweight harness on their test rig.

The next twenty miles were spent along the coast alternating between boardwalks on pristine California surfing beaches to the small towns of Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Oceanside. They were all very interesting little towns with beautiful homes and no shortage of coffee shops, bike shops, and breweries. Amazingly we stopped at none.

In Cardiff, Devon spotted a whale from the top of a hill and we joined a handful of beach goers to watch and attempt to snap a photo as it quickly surfaced.

North of Oceanside is Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base. We knew we had to enter and go through to avoid biking on the 5 but we were told it was as simple as showing ID to the guard. Well… when we arrived at the gate the guard calmly told us we would have to apply online and wait a week (obviously not knowing this was not an option for us). After some back and forth we convinced him to let us pass. Lucky!

Leaving the camp we rode along a nice off road bike path along the beach for about 15 miles, which dropped us into San Clemente and a small (very hilly) neighborhood. By this time our legs were beat! Only 56 miles for the day but the second and third days back touring are always rough! We were ready to be off the bikes. Lucky enough we found another Warm Showers host and capped off the day with an 18% grade. I’m happy to be out of the rain and in great company for another night, but I’m really excited to get back in my sleeping bag and tent! Hopefully tomorrow we can find a campsite!


Thanks to Edrey Velasquez for snapping a couple photos of us. Check out his site here.


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