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I really like this pillow for a couple simple reasons. It packs down super small. It is very lightweight. And it can be inflated more or less depending on how stiff you like your pillow. I’ve tried a few different pillow options and this has been my favorite so far. Inflation is common among camping pillows for obvious reasons, it allows the pillow to be light and take up very little room when deflated. However, other pillows generally don’t pack down as small because they also include a layer of foam on one side of the pillow. While this can be a nice addition for comfort, I don’t believe is a fair exchange for the lack of pack-ability when deflated. The Cocoon Ultralight AirCore packs down incredibly small and in my option no comfort is sacrificed. When counting ounces and pack volume I cannot justify adding either for a pillow when the space and weight could be use for more essential items.

This pillow is inflated easily with a couple quick breaths and deflation is equally hassle free. One side of the pillow has a micro fleece which is very comfortable and soft, while the other side is a slicker material that stays cool on the hotter nights.

If I had to find a shortcoming it would be the lack of a feature to prevent the air inside from moving so freely. When the pillow is mostly inflated, if your head nears the edge the shifting air (to the opposite side) encourages your head to fall off. This could be prevented by a baffling system inside the bladder. This negative point, however, is minimal. I find the pillow most comfortable at about half inflated. The only time I inflate completely is to prop up my head to read while lying on my back. In this position there is little worry my head will roll off the pillow.

You can't beat having a pillow when your camping. It's a small luxury that makes the night exponentially more comfortable. This pillow in particular limits the burden of carrying a pillow by minimizing its weight and packed down size. It is very comfortable and easily adjustable for your preferred softness.
  • Very small packed size
  • Ultralight
  • Adjustable stiffness
  • Lack of baffles

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