Wind with a sense of humor
In a sense we have begun a new distinct leg of our journey. We completed the route known as the western express with a total distance of 1,754 miles. Now that we have entered the flat lands it seems as though this is actually something other people do, but... Read more
Vacation in CO (guest blogger)
Guest blogger Alexa here! Joe and Lucas are outsourcing the blogging tonight. The intrepid bikers camped somewhere in the mountains last night – apparently it was cold and the stars were extra beautiful – and then rose earlier to book it 50 miles downhill to the fabled city of... Read more
Conquering the mountains
Both literally and figuratively this is a high moment in our trip. At an elevation of 9,300ft this will be our highest and likely coldest night yet (winds are gusting over 30 as I write this). As well the mood is jubilant having conquered every mountain to our west... Read more
Monarch Pass
The day started off a little slow. It was an easy up hill, climbing only about 500 feet over 30 miles. Lucas and I were both so anxious to get to Monarch Pass, however, that it went by really slow. Once we got to the foot of the climb... Read more
Back up to Altitude
I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that today and tomorrow revolve around climbing as we began the morning at 5,800 ft and will be at 11,300 ft tomorrow afternoon. Sadly that isn’t one gradual climb I am describing but rather there are lots of ups and... Read more
Downhill  August, 28
It's amazing how routine this all has become. What's nice is that we have gotten really good at making the milage each day. Some are a bit harder than others and some are really easy, but I just know I'm gonna be on my bike all day, and it's... Read more
What a difference two days can make, Colorado is absolutely beautiful. Don’t get me wrong Utah was amazing in it’s own right, but there is something charming about a climate that is actually hospitable. We started the day a little late as our hosts last night were less then... Read more
85 Mile Break Day
Welcome to Colorado! Fourth state of the trip! Colorado brought us a much better day then yesterday. We started the day quite late, getting on the road at 10 am. The route today was broken up by a small town every 20 or so miles, and we set out... Read more
Hot and long
I apologize but there is no way to skirt around the fact that today was bad. The temperature last night never dropped below 90 and a dust storm kicked up after dark. Joe and I hardly slept as we were soaked in sweat and covered in grim. In an... Read more
100 Miles, 106 Degrees. August 24
The majority of today was a breeze. We woke up from our first nights rest in a real bed, and slowly enjoyed our free continental breakfast. The days ride started with slowly coasting down hills broken up by a few steeper descents, all the while surrounded by sheer rock... Read more