Were home! And its great to be back! I know I missed our second to last day’s blog and so Ill make up for that with this follow-up (that I have been everything short of forced to write). Its not that I don’t want to write the last blog,... Read more
Everything seems tiny. Having donned a set of normal person clothes (what a feeling) I got into my car and aimlessly drove around town. I should probably mention that while pumping gas I attempted to dislodge a pebble from one of my back tires (silly silly behavior). As I... Read more
Very close!
It is quite tempting to ride as hard as we can until we are home, yet we promised a Wednesday arrival so we shall arrive on Wednesday. It is also enjoyable to take more leisurely days mileage wise for this last leg of the trip. We started decently early... Read more
It's great to be seeing signs for New York City! We are getting so close and from where we are staying tonight we have only about 160 miles to go. It's just blows my mind that were actually as close as we are. We started out the day with... Read more
The circumstances of the morning appeared to be stacked against us, namely an assortment of free cocktails and a 2:30 am bedtime, but it is also worth mentioning the coldest temperatures yet, as well as the wind and rain. We left Cornell and headed to a amazing cafe in... Read more
And then there were two. 9/30
Today we got up a bit earlier so we could try to make it into town around one. The morning was really cold, at least as cold as our coldest night in the mountains, and tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. The nice part about the morning was... Read more
Lost but indifferent!
Joe had a decisive breakfast victory, let me explain; 1 French toast, 4 pancakes, 1 bowl of cereal, 2 yogurts, 2 omelets, 1 banana, 2 sausage patties, 1 handful of bacon, 1 muffin, 1 cinnamon roll, 1 orange juice, 1 cranberry juice, and pause, wait for it… from Joe,... Read more
Missed the Rain Again
Somehow we missed the brunt of the storm again. We got just a few sprinkles at the end of the day, but considering the radar we were lucky it was just that. Paul is still riding with us and it's almost like it's been three of us all along.... Read more
Three states one day!
As we attempted to devour the entire continental breakfast the rain tapered off and the roads were nearly dry by the time we were ready, excellent timing. Beginning the day on a bike path is always great and even better was that this one led us right to the... Read more
We Gained One
What a great day! We woke up and had a great breakfast, thanks again to Mike and Nancy. Then we started the day on a great bike path, an old tow path, for a few miles through the woods following a river. We were not really looking forward to... Read more