Big Sur – Big Headwind
Weekend Paragliding in Big Sur
Hearst Castle
April 20 Guess what we had for breakfast…oatmeal! Haha never gets old. Well, that’s what Joe would say at least. We knew we would have to stock up on groceries today. Were headed to the paragliding event for the weekend with no grocery store in a close biking distance.... Read more
Camping in San Simeon with 7 other Tourists
April 19 We were not excited for the ride back into town from Montana de Oro. We came here because we had extra time and people recommended it. However, as we were biking into the park we were flyingggg down a hill that we would have to struggle up... Read more
Easy riding into Montana de Oro
April 18 After our night on the couch at the Establishment, Devon and I were both moving a little slower than normal so we coasted to the nearest coffee shop and fueled up with a delicious breakfast burrito! San Luis Obispo is a really nice town and I think... Read more
Pismo Kite Expo, Flying and the Establishment
April 17 Today was one of my favorite days so far! The riding was quite easy in the morning and we were quickly into Pismo Beach where we knew there was a kiteboarding event going on. We got into town very early and of course posted up and the... Read more
Camping at Refugio State Park
April 15 As joe mentioned before, we camped with Beto and I made the 3 of us dinner. We probably talked for an hour and just before we got into our tents I found out it was Beto’s 25th birthday. I was kicking myself thinking if I only knew... Read more
Paragliding at Bates!
April 14th The forecast for today was less than optimal! We checked the weather last night and they were calling for 20 mph winds out of the west north west, which would make it a direct headwind for us. Fortunately we woke up and the winds were calm but... Read more
Strawberry Fields
April 13th Best sleep ever! I didn’t want to get out of the tent. I used the sleeping bag liner for the first time & I was so nice & warm! Joe got me up by making some hot tea J and we ate some more of our Chia... Read more
Until the Sun Comes Up over Santa Monica Blvd
April 12th Joe and I left Margrett’s house in the morning and took a different route than how we arrived. My brakes are almost gone and going down a 10% grade for a mile with no brakes = no fun. We started down a different, less steep, hill and... Read more