Final Prep
Today is the last day before we get on the road. Both Lucas and I are getting really antsy and ready to get riding. Yesterday we did some final prep for the take off. We finalized what we were taking with us, packed, and also decided what food we... Read more
Following a hilly day of riding we arrived back at our friend’s apartment in San Francisco slightly exhausted and chilled from the fog, our spirits soared when we spotted a UPS package from Health Warrior! ( Inside were six glorious pounds of Chia seeds. If you are unfamiliar with... Read more
Lucas gets into town
After quite the travel ordeal I arrived in San Francisco late last night and couldn’t wait to get up this morning and try out the new bike. After a few adjustments we headed off into the city, right away I was impressed with how smooth and surprisingly fast the... Read more
Leaving August 7th at 10am
Its final! We are leaving Bay Area Bikes at 10am on Sunday August 7th. Lucas and I will be getting on the bike a bit earlier in order to ride down to the ocean to dip our tires in the Pacific, then head over to the shop. The send... Read more
Bike all loaded up
Yesterday I spent the day at Bay Area Bikes getting my bike outfitted with everything we will need for the trip, so when I got home I did some preliminary packing. Everything we are going to need fits really well, with plenty of room to spare. Today Ill head... Read more
Got into San Francisco today and headed straight over to Bay Area Bikes in Oakland, where Clay and Glenda met me with a brand new Surly Long Haul Trucker. The bike looks great! And after a bit of tuning and gearing up we all went for the first ride... Read more
Looks like the Surly Long Haul Trucker will be the bike for our trip! It’s seems to be the bike of choice for long loaded tours, and was recommended by almost everyone we talked to. We’ve been working with Clay at BayAreaBikes,  who has been really helpful in choosing the... Read more
The Plan
So the plan is to bike across the U.S. from San Francisco, CA to Fairfield, Ct. I (Joe Ruscito) will be riding as well as my friend Luc Gubinski, and we plan to start in California on the 6th of August. We are doing it as a great way... Read more