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I was excited to try my first Big Agnes sleeping bag. We use a lot of their gear and so far we love it all! My first impressions though were less than expected. For a 15 degree sleeping bag I was not very warm. This is not an inexpensive bag (~$270) and I would have expected to be comfortable in any weather we were going to be faced with (considering we weren’t going to be in the mountains). This sleeping bag is supposed to be good in as low as 15 degrees with a light layer of clothing on. The lowest temperature we experienced was around 35 degrees and I was still cold with double layers of clothing on. I couldn’t figure out if it was just me, or if it had a lot to do with us compressing the bags so much everyday. When we unpacked the bags we made sure to let them regain loft for a hour or so before we turned in for the night, but this seemed to not be enough. After using the bag for a few months we found that the best way to regain the loft, and warmth of the bag was to make sure to shake it up well after uncompressing to help regain the loft faster. This coupled with the use of a Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Liner has made the bag much more comfortable and warm.

As for the pros of this bag I loved the slip for my sleeping pad (part of the Big Agnes Sleeping System). There was no more falling off onto the cold ground in the middle of the night and turning over didn’t result in being tangled in the bag. I also liked the hood, it is much more roomy and insulated than other bags Ive used. The foot box is also significantly more insulated than other bags, however considering the above it may not be insulated enough, at least for me.

There are a lot of positives for this sleeping bag, but the warmth was a big negative for me. I think this sleeping bag is great with a liner, but that does bring the price up to about $340 and a 15 degree bag should be much warmer.
  • Weight
  • Hood
  • Sleeping Pad System
  • Cold for a 15 degree bag

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