Do you envy every traveller you see on social media? Do you daydream about quitting your job and traveling around the world? Do you want to just do more outdoor activities? Do you wish you had enough money to quit your job? We were there a couple years ago and we’re here to show you that you don’t need to win the lottery to make your daydreams come true.

Life Ultralight is a blog about our adventures as well as guides to help you go out on your own adventures. From weekend camp trips to cross country cycling we’re here to answer any of your questions so you have no excuses.

Currently, Joe and Devon are on a van tour around the United States & Canada. You can keep up to date with their progress on Track my Tour! Also make sure to keep up with their blog right here on!

Meet Joe: A kiteboarder, engineer, and fix-anything kind of guy. He lives to travel and believes that play should come before work on anyones to-do list.

Meet Devon: A surfer, artist, and very much right-brained kind of girl. She’s been surfing since she was 11 years old and can’t get enough water in her life.