A Raccoon Stole your Passport?! A Raccoon Stole your Passport?!
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Thursday, June 2: Otter Rock to Lincoln City, OR

Rain, Rain, and tailwinds! It’s either sunny with a headwind or rainy with a tailwind. At this point, I’m happy that it’s raining. Woke up to thick fog and everything wet. Checked the radar and saw lots of rain coming. We decided to pack up and make it to the next town. Well, we made it to the next town! Just not before the rain. In town we warmed up at a Pirate café until 11. The scenery was beautiful as we were riding towards Lincoln City. Sure it was misty, rainy, and a little cold, but it was a nice change. There was a blanket of fog over everything with tiny islands or trees poking out every once in a while. We didn’t do too many miles, but called it a day in Lincoln City. There was a hiker/biker site in town that we stayed at. There were 3 other girl cyclists there that shared their campsite with us. 7 people packed into 1 campsite! Now those girls have a great story! We asked them how far they biked today and they said they didn’t bike at all. A raccoon stole their fanny pack that had the bike key and passport in it. They had to call a locksmith to unlock their bikes for them! Luckily he decided not to charge them probably because he felt bad for them. These girls have been touring for 10 days and have gone through more unfortunate events than people do biking for months! They were losing all motivation, especially Megan (who lost her passport), but Rob & Ness shared their stories and Joe & I shared our awesome adventuring stories. I think we gave them the motivation that they needed to keep going! We ended the day with smores over the campfire and a fun game of pigs! Rob and Ness carry 2 very tiny pigs for a popular game from England. You basically roll the pigs like dice and you get points or lose some for how they land. It was pretty fun! Now I want to get some pigs.

Devon Keim

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