A Few Days in San Francisco A Few Days in San Francisco
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April 30 – May 3

It seemed like the wind had died down from last night, but we could tell it wasn’t going to be calm for long! We were the first ones out of the campsite once again to try to beat the wind. Just after passing through Pacifica we could see the city! 50 miles and almost 3,000 ft of climbing total for the day and we were in San Francisco! We stopped by Baker Beach where you have a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We pretty much biked straight through the city knowing that we could see more of it in the next few days. Our plane leaves on Wednesday morning for Connecticut (Paul’s wedding) so we have Sunday-Tuesday to explore. Casey, Joe’s very good friend from CT, was SO very kind to let us stay at her tiny house until Wednesday. Casey’s boyfriend came to the house and we had a BBQ on Saturday night.

Sunday Casey took Joe and I on a hike in Tennessee Valley. It was a beautiful 7 mile hike! The 3 of us had lunch overlooking the water and Muir Beach. Afterwards we grabbed a beer and called it a day.

On Monday Joe and I biked a few miles to Bay Area Bikes where we decided to get our bikes tuned. This worked out perfectly, because we will just leave the bikes there and pick them up when we get back from Connecticut. From Bay Area Bikes we walked to the BART station. We rode the BART under the bay bridge and through the city. Our goal for the day: D0 whatever tourists do. So we went to fisherman’s wharf. Lots of tourists! Joe told me that fisherman’s wharf was known for their bread bowls. He didn’t have to convince me! Connected to Boudin Bakery is the lunch spot where we got tasty clam chowder and tomato soup bread bowls.

Ghirardelli Square is another attraction just a few blocks over. We shared an enormous cookie sundae. YUM! Needless to say I did not need any more food for a week. 😛 Shortly after that we hopped on a trolley assuming it would take us back to the BART station. I’m so glad we did! I got a fast tour of the city as I was hanging off the side of the trolley. It was beautiful! I’m glad I got to experience San Francisco through hiking, taking the BART, biking, and taking a trolley!

Tuesday we went to a paragliding spot in Pacifica. There were a bunch of people already there waiting for the wind to pick up a little bit. I’m learning that with wind sports they are kind of like a waiting game. We were there for most of the day, but it was worth it because Joe got about an hour of flying in. The guys were trying to convince Joe to come back the next morning, but we had a plane to catch!

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